Towards integration of electronic ticketing in The Netherlands

  • Updated31 December 2004
  • News

Five main Dutch operators are undertaking a huge e-ticketing integration project. To achieve this goal, the national railway company (NS), local urban transport operators GVB for Amsterdam, HTM for the Hague, RET for Rotterdam and the bus company Connexxion have established a company called TLS (Trans Link Systems) that is commissioned to initiate e-payment in buses, trams, metro cars and trains in The Netherlands.

This new system will offer the customer a unique means of payment for all forms of public transport, allowing smoother and quicker transactions for all passengers (dwellers, tourists, foreign business travellers…) and all type of journeys: daily, incidental, reduced rate, travel with bicycle…

Through a tender procedure which started in 2002, TLS has selected the consortium “East-West” in 2003 to design and implement the e-ticketing system.

First uses of the system will take place in 2005 and could be implemented nation-wide if successful in 2006/2007. This new ticketing system would provide advantages (convenience, swiftness and safety) to 7 million daily travellers that make up 90% of Dutch public transport users.