The European Commission proposes generalisation and harmonisation of electronic charging systems

  • Updated15 June 2003
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The European Commission presented on 23rd April a draft directive on the introduction and interoperability of electronic road toll systems in the EU.

The directive will apply to all kinds of roads, to bridges and tunnel charging systems whether on the trans-european transport networks, inter-city or urban.

The benefits will be reduced congestion, increased traffic flow and a reduced number of cash transactions at toll posts. Generalisation of road charging will also lead to increased resources for the building of new transport infrastructures.

Operators of charging systems will have to provide the service from 1st January 2005 to all vehicles over 3,5 tonnes or carrying over 9 people and from 2010 for all other classes of vehicle.

The system will be based on a single contract per user and a single box per vehicle.