New framework and metro for Budapest

  • Updated8 April 2005
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Financial agreement has been reached on
Metro line 4 extension, consisting of 4 new
stations and a new line of 2.7 km.

government will finance 70% and the
municipality of Budapest will finance 30% of
the project, estimated €325-400m.

The total line Metró 4 project, decided in May
2003, partly funded by EIB, consists in a 10 km
line with 14 stations, providing a commercial
speed of 30km/h with a train every 150
seconds. More than 400,000 commuters are
expected to use this line every day.

The first section is expected to enter in service
in 2008 and the extension in 2009, for a total
cost of €1.2bn.

First tenders have been
published in December for the construction
works for tunnels, shafts and subways.
Hungarian government is currently thinking of
introducing a road charging scheme, to reduce
congestion and finance public transport

This project will be supported
by a relevant fare system for all modes and by
the creation of a Transport Authority :
Budapesti Közlekedési Szövestég.