ELENA facility supports Movia transition to electric buses and boats

  • Updated27 March 2019
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The Danish regional public transport authority Movia has received a grant of EUR 1,119,000 from the ELENA facility for technical assistance to prepare a transition of parts of the fleet of buses and ferries operated under the responsibility of Movia from conventional fuels to electricity. Movia is the Public Transport Authority (PTA) in East Denmark including the capital area of Copenhagen. Movia is owned by 45 municipalities and 2 regions.

The ELENA TEBB project runs from fall 2017 to fall 2021, and must result in investments at least 10 times the size of the received ELENA grant (leverage factor 10). So far, the project has realized investments in electric buses and boats resulting in a leverage factor 45.

Investment programme – ELENA TEBB project:

Activity Tender process Deployment Volume
Electric buses in Roskilde 2017-18 April 2019 20 electric buses
Framework contract for charging infrastructure in urban spaces 2017-18 2019-26 Depends on demand
Zero emission harbor buses 2017-18 January 2020 7 electric boats
Zero emission buses in Copenhagen and other parts of Zealand 2018 december 2019 56 electric buses
Zero emission buses in Copenhagen and other parts of Zealand 2019-21 2020-23 up to 200-250 buses

The ELENA grant covers costs of external experts and/or staff to help prepare and implement the investment programme, like:

  • Movia staff expenses affiliated with tendering of e-bus services, charging infrastructure in urban spaces and electrification of harbor buses
  • Legal advising
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical support for setting up tender requirements of harbor bus services
  • Technical assistance for optimal placement of charging infrastructure in urban spaces
  • Study on impact on local air quality from diesel heaters in e-buses (needed for decision-making purposes)
  • Translation of tender documents
  • Etc.

EIB/ELENA contributes with a maximum 90% of the total eligible costs.
Besides the investments in electric buses and boats, Movia is obliged to carry out a number of activities within competence building and dissemination of the outcome of the project.

About the ELENA facility

ELENA (European Local Energy Assistance) is a joint initiative by the EIB and the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. ELENA provides grants for technical assistance focused on the implementation of energy efficiency, distributed renewable energy and urban transport programmes. Within urban transport and mobility ELENA support investments in the use and integration of innovative solutions for alternative fuels in urban mobility along with investments to introduce on a large-scale new, more energy-efficient transport and mobility measures in urban areas.

Movia experienced a smooth application process, which took less than a year from the initial dialogue with the EIB to the EC approval of the application.

For information: Mr per Gellert