Valencia : Responsible authorities

Autoritat de Transport de Valencia
Autoridad de Transporte Metropolitano de Valencia Plaza Tetuán, número 10, 1ª
46003 Valencia

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Autoridad de Transporte Metropolitano de Valencia
Plaza Tetuán, número 10, 1ª
46003 Valencia


Director: Jesus Carbonell,


The Metropolitan Transport Area of Valencia (ATMV) is formed by 60 municipalities and the regional government.

The ATMV is organized by the Administration Board which is composed by 14 members:

  • 7 members designed for the Generalitat Regional Government, one of them will exercise Presidency with
    casting vote.
  • 5 members for the Valencia Municipality.
  • 2 members for the Valencian Federation of Municipalities.

Some important decisions must be adopted with a qualified majority of at least 10 of the votes.

The Executive Committee composed by some members of the Administration Board, having equal representativeness and criteria to adopt agreements as the administration Board itself.

A General Manager with a technical and administrative staff.

An Advisory bodies representing transport operators and users.

Main responsibilities

  • Planning infrastructures for the passenger public transport.
  • Planning networks and services for passenger public transport.
  • Design and approval of the fare system.
  • Signing agreements and programs with transport operators and monitoring their compliance.
  • Signing of memorandums and agreements or programs with other public administrations, especially for the transport system financing.
  • Signing and management of public service contracts.
  • Information to the users, marketing and quality of the services.
  • Carrying out sustainable mobility plans, and its monitoring, control and assessment.
  • Cooperation and coordination with other public administrations on transport infrastructure investment
    activities, land use and traffic management.
  • Any other function which is assigned to by the Regional Goverment.
  • Possibility of include supervisory functions, and when appropriate, power of penalties.

The ATMV covers all the public transport modes in terms of coordination, planning and pricing.