Stockholm : Financing/Pricing data

Funding of public transport (2011)

Approximately 50% of the total cost of the services is financed by ticket sales and revenues from commercial activities. The reminder is financed by tax revenues contributed by the Stockholm County.

Fares (2011)

Tickets are sold as either single fare tickets (Zone tickets) or travelcard tickets for short and longer periods of time. Tickets are sold via our agents, at the SL Center and at commuter train stations. Some tickets can also be bought at the Metro barriers. There are also ticket machines at most Metro and commuter railway stations, as well as in a number of other locations. You can also buy a zone ticket which is sent as a text message to your mobile phone.

Zone tickets are available from SL Access ticket machines and from SL Center and ticket agents, and come in different types. The SL area is divided into three zones: A, B and C. You can buy single zone tickets for travel in one, two or three zones from our ticket machines and via Text-me-a-ticket (a text message ticket to your mobile phone). Some zone tickets are made up of coupons. Prices vary, where a pre-paid ticket is cheaper than one bought at the ticket barrier. Note that you cannot purchase a ticket onboard the buses.

Travelcard tickets are loaded on an SL Access card, which is an electronic smart card. If you have a travelcard, zones are not important, as travelcards are valid everywhere in the Stockholm County.

in € Single trip center Multiple trips Monthly pass
Normal fare 4 2.8 87.5
Reduced fares
(under 20 and above 65)
2.2 1.7 53.3
Adults students     62