Copenhagen : Financing / Pricing data

Presentation of the fare and ticketing system :

Table of local fares (simplified) 2016

  Single trip center Multiple trips Monthly pass
Normal fare 24 DKK 15 DKK 375 DKK
Reduced fare      
Children, age 12-15 12 DKK 7,50 DKK 190 DKK
Retired people, age >65 24 DKK 15 DKK 460 DKK (3 month)

Principles of public transport funding :

Movia Public Transport’s activities are founded through a combination of taxes and ticket income (please see below) (total Movia operation, not only Metropolitan area)

in mill. DKK

Operations Bus / Tram in mill. DKK
Municipalities 2,096
Central State  
Region of Greater Copenhagen Area 1,123
. . . . .
Total public sector 3,219
Farebox revenues 1,699
Total 4,918

Current developments and projects :

Copenhagen is growing by around 10.000 inhabitants per year and the need for efficient transport is increasing. A new metro ring line is expected to open in 2019 providing new strong public transport services to the city and making it more attractive to use public transport to and from Copenhagen.

In the outskirts of Copenhagen the first lightrail line is expected to open in 2024 connecting the northern, western and southern parts over 28 km and with 28 stations.
The heavy regional system will be improved and a new line from Ringsted to Copenhagen will open in 2018.

The first +way line 5C has opened in Copenhagen and is carrying more than 21 million pas-sengers per year. +way is the Movia version of a BRT like system that provides many of the advantages of a BRT system, but also has some compromises build in.
In the rural areas there has been a significant increase in the use of DRT (Demand Respon-sive Transport) called Flextrafik that combines transport of disabled, patients, elderly and public transport users from address to address. All transport planned in one IT system.

The municipalities and regions behind Movia have agreed to work towards a fossil free bus network in 2030. Plans are ongoing for introducing electric buses in Roskilde and Copenha-gen from 2018.