Amsterdam : Responsible authority

Vervoerregio Amsterdam
Termini 179
1025 XM Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Vervoerregio Amsterdam

Jodenbreestraat 26 NL-1011 NH Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Representative for EMTA: Mrs ingrid de Bruijn (Policy maker Public Transport)


A Regional Council (60), elected by and from the municipal councils,

An Executive Board (7), elected by and from the Regional Council.

Mayor of Amsterdam chairs the Regional Council and the Executive Board.

Staff: 85 employees (2015) of which 18 are employed in the public transport department.

Stadsregio harbors 3 other sector departments:

  • Infrastructuur: infrastructure projects and studies, planning and funding;
  • Ruimte&Mobiliteit: housing, tourism, economic restructuring, and mobility management;
  • Concern management: governance, human resources, financing and judicial affairs

General missions

  • establishing a stable and differentiated economy which is able to compete in the international markets
  • offering a good social climate for the inhabitants of the region
  • creating a durable environment.


Stadsregio budget for 2015 amounts to €600 million, of which €100 million is spent in traffic and public transport infrastructure. The total spending on public transport was € 330 million.

Main expenses is a subsidy to GVB, the Amsterdam municipal transport company for urban transport operations, management and maintenance of infrastructure, amounting to €240 million.

On regional bus services (Connexxion and Arriva) the Stadsregio spends €65 million.

Farebox revenues 2010

GVB Amsterdam € 150,6 million.
For the 3 suburban PT-concessions Zaanstreek, Waterland and Amstelland-Meerlanden revenues of passengers amount to € 48,2 million