Two new mobile applications in Vilnius

No more waiting in queue, no more messing around with cash, no more lost tickets as during the last year Vilnius has introduced two innovative mobile applications. One - for Vilnius public transport passengers and one - for car park users. Vilnius is the very first city in Lithuania where public transport ticket can be purchased from any location and at any time just using mobile phone. Ticket purchase is carried out through electronic banking. The application is not only easy to use, but very functional as well.

An innovative program was launched by Vilnius public transport authority - municipal enterprise “Susisiekimo paslaugos”, at the end of June 2014. Within two weeks after the launch of the application, 7000 people were using m.Ticket already! Today there are more than 40 000 users who have downloaded m.Ticket application. On average - 237 new users per day. The application is free and can be used by anyone who has a smart phone and it is adapted for Android and iOS operating systems.

While application is restricted to smart phones, smartphones themselves are becoming increasingly popular in Lithuania - 75% of mobile phone users have smart phones. Passengers can purchase as many tickets as needed and activate them once on the bus. There is a possibility to purchase any type of ticket: 30min, 60min time tickets, monthly tickets, with and without the discount etc. m.Ticket creates quick, secure and simple way of purchasing and using tickets.

Mobile ticketing provides cost effectiveness. It is simple and environmentally friendly alternative to standard tickets or Vilnius public transport card ‘Vilniečio kortelė‘ with the further superiority. Passengers can not only buy tickets, but also check the time table, find the fastest route and evaluate the quality of the travel depending on service quality and incident management. The mobile application also allows passengers to leave feedback if needed. m.Ticket application helps to identify the main factors of service quality and allows to find out what passengers are most or least satisfied with. By identifying those factors relevant information is passed on to corresponding groups and certain actions are taken. It helps to react to the public transport issues immediately, solve the problems and make public transport more attractive.

Parallel, mobile application m.Parking was launched at the end of December 2013. The application provides a new and better way to pay for parking using your smart phone. It is also adapted for Android and iOS operating systems. There are more than 50 000 users of this mobile application. m.Parking makes overall parking experience much easier and more convenient. It also helps to save money as it allows to start and stop parking sessions over the phone. It means that application users are paying for the exact time spent on parking. The amount calculated for parking is added to mobile service provider account. Plus users gets regular notifications regarding the time spent on parking directly in the smart phones.

Municipal enterprise “Susisiekimo paslaugos” mission is to make travel by public transport and ticket purchase as simple as possible, encourage passengers to choose public transport more often and make travel by Vilnius public transport more convenient, also to make easier to pay for the car parking. m.Ticket and m.Parking mobile applications has a huge impact towards these goals.

For more information: dr. Jūratė Venckauskaitė

  • Updated : January 28, 2015

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