Factory of innovations in public transport in Warsaw

The “Factory of innovations in public transport in Warsaw”
project has received funding under the Leonardo da Vinci
programme in the amount of EUR 16,144. The main objective
of the project is to develop public transport in terms of
investments, integration, transport management and its
improvement through the establishment of a group of highly
skilled professionals who will participate in the management
of public transport in Warsaw. The project is a response to
the lack of sufficiently qualified staff on the Polish market.

This is the third edition of the project which is a continuation of
the project “New quality of services – young personnel as the
driving force behind changes in public transport” and “New
culture of mobility in Warsaw”. The first one was executed by
ZTM in 2009 in cooperation with BVG, a partner from Berlin, and
the second one in 2012, with the participation of partners from
Vienna – Wiener Linien and Turin – AMMT.

As part of the project seven employees of ZTM will participate in
two-week long internships abroad. The internships will take place
in Birmingham and Prague which will allow the identification of
good practices in the following transport companies: Centro
Birmingham and ROPID Praha. Both institutions are credible and
reliable partners with whom ZTM has been cooperating for many
years in international forum within the EMTA – European
Metropolitan Transport Authorities organisation.

The main objective of the project is that the participants of internships
gain knowledge and skills related to the organisation and
functioning of municipal transport systems and their development.
Issues analysed within the project will concern, among others,
effective management of transport and its image, introduction of
innovative technologies and education of passengers.

Detailed objectives of the project include:

  • learning about the stage of planning and implementation
    of large investments, such as expansion of metro line and
    investments for the development of transport, taking into
    account aspects relating to the environmental protection
    (e.g. construction of bus shelters powered by solar energy) ;
  • getting to know good practices of public transport
    management in Birmingham and Prague ;
  • opportunity to establish contacts with people involved in
    the management of public transport in the UK and the
    Czech Republic for the exchange of sectoral information.

Topics of internships

  • Transportation policy and spatial development
  • Prospective planning of transport
  • Real-time transport management
  • Measurements and testing (methods of data collection, quantitative traffic studies, transport quality testing)
  • Cycling paths, urban bike system – concept, location, preparation and implementation of investment
  • Construction of new metro line sections – preparation and implementation of investment
  • Modernisation of metro in terms of social needs
  • Construction and operation of the P+R interchange parking lots
  • Transport interchanges – location, preparation of investment, construction and operation.

The project will involve seven employees of ZTM. CENTRO will
host four employees, and ROPID three of them.
The results of the project will include: gaining practical knowledge
of modern standards of public transport management by the
participants, the opportunity to deepen cultural knowledge and
broaden foreign language skills, as well as the establishment of
contacts with persons responsible for the management of public
transport in other European metropolises in order to exchange
sectoral information.
Internships will be held in the second quarter of 2014 and will
last for two weeks for each participant.

The project is coordinated by Halina Rakowska

  • Updated : August 11, 2014

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