In HSL’s new strategy, public transport of the future is intelligent, sustainable and safe

HSL’s new vision 2025 is: “Public transport is the number one
choice for travel and Helsinki region is a bellwether for intelligent,
sustainable and safe mobility”. The vision emphasizes HSL’s key
role in promoting sustainable modes of transport and a functional
urban environment. In the target state, over 50 per cent of the
increase in traffic due to population growth is managed by public

"I’m extremely satisfied with HSL’s new strategy. Our goal is to
increase the modal share of public transport by several percentage
points by 2025. This challenges us to find new solutions for our
customers’ needs. There are major changes taking place in the
coming years, such as the opening of the Ring Rail Line and West
Metro, changes to the payment system, tendering of rail services
as well as our new customer program. The objective of all of the
future changes is to improve our customers’ service experience so
that public transport would be the number one choice for travel
now and in the future," says Suvi Rihtniemi, HSL’s Executive

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HSL’s new strategy

HSL started work on the new strategy in autumn 2013 and the
work was completed in February 2014. From the outset, we
developed the strategy in partnership with our stakeholders,
customers, decision-makers and staff. Strategy ambassadors were
selected in each department, who actively participated in the
process. In addition to strategy workshops held with different staff
groups, information about the state of the process was openly
available on HSL’s intranet. The aim was an open, dialogical
process in which the staff can feel truly engaged.

HSL’s recently revised values, customer focus, cooperation,
continuous development and environmental responsibility, formed
the basis for strategy development.

To begin with, a staff survey was conducted on the theme “What
will the ideal public transport be like in 2025”. In October/November,
a similar survey was conducted for customers at Nearly
1,000 customers responded to the survey. Customers wished for
a stronger trunk route network, crosstown routes, frequent
service, low fares and safe public transport. These themes are at
the core of the new strategy.

In addition to the vision and basic task, HSL established six strategic

  1. The customers’ travel chain is based on the public transport
    trunk network and efficient feeder services.
  2. We provide our customers with up-to-date information before
    and during their journeys as well as clear, easy-to-use and
    reasonably priced tickets.
  3. A transport system based on rail services creates a more
    compact urban structure and makes the region more attractive.
  4. We direct the increase in traffic to public transport, walking
    and cycling.
  5. We increase the share of low-emission public transport.
  6. We make public transport more cost-effective and strengthen
    the funding base of the entire transport system.

The Helsinki metropolitan area outlined in the new strategy is
compact and pleasant. This kind of urban structure and transport
system requires strong regional planning, common will and
political decision-making. This means an even stronger HSL and a
stronger role for HSL in the common decision-making. In a more
compact city, the competitiveness of public transport improves
because motoring is no longer as attractive as before. The
compact structure and advanced technology help to keep the
operating costs of transport reasonable and ticket prices low.
Travel chains are effective and transfer between different modes
of transport is easy. Well-performing public transport enables also
the smooth flow of freight traffic.

Transport system planning is based on a strong rail network to
ensure the conditions for the creation of a compact and sustainable
urban structure. Many of the large transport system development
projects in the HSL area, such as the West Metro and Ring Rail
Line, will be completed during this strategy period. They provide
significant positive opportunities for increasing the popularity of
public transport and for the development of services in the region.
In addition to the operational strategy, HSL also created its first
HR strategy. The HR strategy vision is: "We are excited and
committed to cooperation and development. Our approach to
work is customer and solution-focused.”

The vision provides tools for our demanding work in creating
intelligent, sustainable and safe transport solutions for the needs
of our customers and the region.

The strategy translates into action in everyday work. In 2014, HSL
puts a lot of effort into communicating the strategy. The strategy
was crystallized in an image to be used for active interaction with
the staff and stakeholders. The whole organization participates in
the strategy dialogue to make the objectives known to everyone
and part of the everyday work. The achievement of the objectives
will be monitored on a regular basis. The objectives and their
achievement will be openly displayed to customers, stakeholders
and decision-makers.

Suvi Rihtniemi, Executive Director,
Mari Flink, Director of Marketing and Communications,

  • Updated : April 29, 2014

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