Metro carriages for singles

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic with over 1.2 million
inhabitants, is awaiting an interesting innovation in public
transport travel: the metro system with its 3 lines and 57 stations
will offer not only quick, reliable and comfortable journeys, but
also an original opportunity to meet someone!

The idea of metro carriages for singles was born during a brainstorming
session targeted at preparing a campaign for attracting
new passengers. The aim of this new long-term campaign
created by «ROPID» (public transport authority) together with
«DPP» (the main Prague PT operator) is not only to pull people
over from cars to public transport, but also to keep the current
public transport passengers and prevent them from becoming
car users by making travelling more enjoyable. The principal idea
of the campaign is to show, what activities can be done while
riding public transport vehicles, that can´t be pursued while
driving: e.g. reading, playing e-games, checking e-mails…

Public transport really isn´t just a technical means of getting from
one place to another, but also a place, where people spend quite
a lot of their time and, in contrast to cars, actually meet each
other. We realize a trend of more and more people being single and by launching a metro “dating” project we would like to draw attention to
this social phenomenon and help the people, who would like to meet someone, by giving them a new and original opportunity. This project should also draw attention to public transport in general and thereby attract new passengers, hopefully even from the ranks of the car drivers.
The middle carriage of every metro train will be especially marked and intended primarily for single people according to this motto:

«Are you single? Would you like to meet someone?
Then travel in the middle carriage and look around you!»

On specific days at given times and places additional events and activities are
being considered, such as speed dating, moderated dating shows or getting to
know someone with the help of a mediator. A message board will also be
available, probably through social media, where passengers from middle
carriages will be able to leave messages to each other and so even the shyer ones,
who didn´t manage to contact someone directly, will have a chance of getting in
touch retrospectively.

Reactions and ideas are being collected via social networks to help prepare
everything properly. The project should be launched in September 2013 without
any additional costs thanks to voluntary help and cooperation with dating agencies,
which will cover any additional costs, e.g. for the marking of the carriages or
printing and distributing information leaflets.Prague citizens new lifestyle.
It was also about simplifying the network and make it usable by occasional
passengers. The aim was to attract car drivers for example in helping them to read
the network map for planning a trip : which mode, which line is going where ?
We chose to reduce the number of bus lines and build a backbone network of
buses called ”metrobus” with short intervals guaranteed and weekend services.

Contact: Filip Drapal

  • Updated : August 26, 2013

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