Madrid Video Interpretation Project in Language of Signs "on-line".

The Regional Consortium of Madrid Transports (CRTM) has
carried out a new project targeted at the deaf and dumb persons
who use the language of signs. The project is called Video
Interpretation Project in Language of signs”on line”.

The aim of this new service is to support these persons in their
daily affairs and bring them accurate information when they
come on the premises of the Regional Consortium of Madrid
Transports to resolve whatever incidence related to public transport.

The communication with both the assistant at the desk and
those who attend at the remote translating office is bidirectional
and in real time. The system has the Information Technology (IT)
necessary elements, screens, webcams, earphones, microphones
and algorithms of transmission needed. The result is as if it were a
person translator at the desk, ready to be consulted.

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There are not time restrictions, because of the characteristics of the
service. It can be used any time during the public opening hours.
Unlike other personalized services, this one needs no before-hand
warning, and consistently it will suffice the person to turn up
directly at the information desk of the Consortium of Transports.
By these means a complete integration of these persons is reached
as they can solve their own problems like any other user, avoiding
their discrimination.

Also it is important to emphasize that the confidentiality of the
conversations are guaranteed thanks to the encrypting system
incorporated in the transmissions.

The principal technical advantages of the system are:

  • Real time communication;
  • Non stop visualization and interplay without any jumps or
    breaks in the image;
  • Minimal requirements of IT equipment and Operating System.
    Only a standard ADSL is needed whose speed does not
    have to be the highest;
  • Fully guaranteed confidentiality in the conversations;
  • The person who attends at the office desk gets confidence
    in the information given by means of the system.

And, from the personal and social point of view, the system brings
the following positive aspects:

  • It has the benefits of a social inclusive service;
  • The deaf and mute persons feel they have level access
    to information just as any given passenger;
  • Integration of this social group is achieved with universal
    accessibility criteria;
  • There are no limits to include new questions arisen by
    the new information given in the process;
  • Positive feeling of the persons who benefited from this
    service, they value the technologically well-laid innovation
    and the increase of advantages, brought to them.

The experiment has been conducted without any communication
campaign however over 200 persons were able to test it during
the four month the experience lasted including non-Spanish
speakers as the system is tailored to international sign language.
The software developed by Visualsil has been carefully adapted
to CRTM’s needs.

presentation of the program

One of the key aspects of the Video Interpretation Project in
Language of Signs "on-line" is that it classifies among the soft
measures activities and therefore doesn’t require extensive infrastructure

For more:
Contact person: Javier Chamorro

  • Updated : February 10, 2012

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