Integrated Collective Public Transport Management Centre in Madrid Region

Before the end of the year, the Region of
Madrid will have an Integrated Collective
Public Transport Management Centre - a
“big brain” that will coordinate the information
on infrastructure and services of
the different modes of transportation that
operate in the region in real time. This
centre will be the first in Europe to receive
and manage in a single space specific
information on all “incidents” that may occur
in each one of the modes of transport, acting
like a “112” or central emergency hotline
for public transport.

This innovative system will provide important
benefits both for users and for the
Consorcio Regional de Transportes de
Madrid (CRTM). The users will be able to
receive information on the status of the
lines that they are going to use with
enough time to allow them to plan the
route that is best for them. CRTM the
Public Transport Authority in the Region,
on its part, will be able to make decisions
faster and more effectively when coordinating
the operation of the whole transport system.

Advantages for users

The system will make it possible to analyze
the status of public transport as a whole
and to provide a coordinated and integrated response to the needs of the passengers.
Thanks to this centre, the information related
to the different modes of transportation
(Metro, EMT, Cercanías, transport interchanges,
etc.) are conceived as part of a
single multi-modal information system. The
screens will display information regarding
the operation of all different lines of the
public transport system and also offer
alternatives if any of the infrastructure is
not operating at full capacity at a given

This Centre, which will operate 24 hours a
day, also manages compliance with service
timetables, monitoring via TV cameras,
and the proper functioning of all of the
installations, such as elevators, escalators,
HVAC, or fans, in order to guarantee
high-quality service for citizens.

Lastly, this Centre will coordinate actions
related to incidents (passengers falling on
the tracks or being injured, fights, any
types of events) that may occur in the
public transport system, and execute the
established procedures in the corresponding
coordination mechanisms with the 112
Regional Emergency Centre, which may
require the presence of SAMUR, the Fire Department, Police, etc. depending on the circumstances.

Supporting Madrid’s Candidacy for the 2016 Olympics

This project will undoubtedly represent an
important element in Madrid’s Candidacy
to host the 2016 Olympic Games. Thanks
to the applications available in the
Integrated Collective Public Transportation
Management Centre, all visitors during
the Olympics will enjoy the best information
and the fastest and most comfortable
transport services to the different competition
venues, while the coordinated actions of
all transport operators will be optimized to
ensure efficient and sustainable mobility.
Fire Department, Police, etc. depending
on the circumstances.

  • Updated : May 5, 2009

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