Touristic ticket offer in Amsterdam region extended

With the introduction of the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket (A&RTT) visitors in the Amsterdam metropolitan region will be enabled to easily move around the region using one single ticket on all modes of transport. This unique and user-friendly product should contribute to a more even spreading of visitors from Amsterdam city centre to other parts of the surrounding area. With this ticket a full array of public transport for tourists is offered that will better meet the travel demands of the international visitors.

The uptake of this multimodal ticket has results from a unique collaboration among various transport operators on interurban, local and regional level (Dutch Railways, GVB, Connexxion/Transdev, EBS) together with public agencies and the regional transport authority (Vervoerregio Amsterdam).

Balancing the growth
One of the objectives from the Strategic Agenda on Tourism 2025 of the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam is to facilitate tourism in by creating a balance between the needs of inhabitants, visitors and enterprises. With this new travel proposition international visitors can move around quite easily through the region and call on attractions both in and outside Amsterdam city center. This travel tool should help to foster a positive outcome for the city and the surrounding area alike.

Comprehensive offer of PT tourist tickets
Three different types of tickets are made available: a ticket to use PT to and through the city, another for covering the PT in the whole metropolitan region and a ticket that is valid for the whole of The Netherlands. Those are valid to travel by train, bus tram metro and ferry services.

  • Amsterdam Travel Ticket (ATT)
    The visitor using the ATT can travel either one, two or three days limitlessly in public transport in Amsterdam (GVB) and go to and from Schiphol Airport by train or bus (line 197 Amsterdam Airport Express).
  • With the A&RTT ticket the visitor can also use public transport in the whole Metropolitan area of Amsterdam, using all operator’s services.
    Available is also the Holland Travel Ticket (HTT) offer, enabling the visitor to travel one day public transport across the Netherlands. An off-peak variant is available valid during quiet hours (before 06:30 am and after 09:00 am on weekdays and unlimited during weekend days).

At Schiphol airport luggage handling and on Schiphol Plaza recently special ‘Travel Ticket-vending machines’ are installed where arriving passengers can purchase their ticket. Also on Amsterdam Central station the first vending machine is installed in the Service shop at the waterfront (backside) entrance. Soon four additional vending machines will be placed at the escalators to the bus station.
The “I amsterdam City Card” already provided the right of free access or discount on the entry to museums and attractions in the Metropolitan Area Amsterdam with unlimited use of transport of the Amsterdam local transport operator (GVB).

Last July Amsterdam Marketing started a pilot to amalgamate and embed the A&RTT within the 72 hours version of the I Amsterdam City Card enabling international visitors to make use without limitations of the entire public transport network of the Metropolitan region Amsterdam including access to touristic attractions at favourable conditions. The pilot encompasses 2 months and if proven successful could result in the launch of an integrated card by 2018.

For more information: Mrs Iris Boxem

  • Updated : September 14, 2017

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