UK Local Transport Act – PTAs to become ITAs in early 2009

  • Updated2 February 2009
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The Local Transport Bill was finally given
royal assent on 26th November 2008. The
first milestone follows a little over two
months later when the PTAs are re-named
Integrated Transport Authorities, ITAs.

Chair of pteg Neil Scales sees the Act as
the biggest opportunity in a generation for
transport in the city regions and says “The
end result is legislation which strikes the
right balance between national government
setting out its ambitions for urban
transport policy – and local determination
of how that is best achieved on the ground
in each of our very different city regions.

Pteg was particularly pleased to secure
some highly significant late amendments
to the Bill which will ensure that the approval
process for Quality Contracts will be locally
determined, and that there will be additional
safeguards on the local democratic
accountability of Integrated Transport

With the legislation passed, pteg moves
into the new phase of implementing.
A series of secondary legislation, guidance
and regulations are needed to give effect
to the broad principles contained in the
primary legislation. All of which will take
time to be introduced.
Pteg Passenger Transport Executive Group

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