Transdev Group pursues expansion in Italy

  • Updated8 November 2005
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The city of Genoa, Italy decided to entrust
the management of its transport network
(bus, Metro, etc.) to a private partner
for the first time via an open tendering

The network is Italy’s 5th largest
urban public transport network.
In Genoa, where 610,000 people live,
more than 400,000 journeys are made
daily and every inhabitant makes in
average 240 journeys per year by public

The 6 years contract has been
awarded to AMT S.p.A. (Azienda Mobilità
e Transporti), in which Transdev has a
41% share.

The turnover of the company
is about €150 million. The 6 years contract
represents a total amount of €900 million.
AMT hires 2,200 employees, owns 860
vehicles including 18 metro vehicles, 20
trolleybuses and 2 funiculars.

Transdev also pursued its expansion in
Italy by progressively acquiring the AGI
Group, Italy’s third largest private inter-urban
and suburban transport group in terms of
turnover (€30 million), operating in Lombardy
through the activities of its subsidiaries,
as well as Venetia and Emilia Romagna
through public-private partnerships.