Traffic Information Austria (VAO)

  • Updated29 April 2014
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Traffic Information Austria is a high-quality, Austrian-wide,
intermodal traffic information system, which is built and authorized
by traffic infrastructure, traffic information, and transportation
providers. Routing information and other information contents
for most traffic means and its linking options are provided, such
as: car routing, public transport routing, bicycle routing, Bike &
Ride, Park & Ride, hire bikes, car sharing etc. The VAO supports
its users in the choice of transport mode, information about traffic
obstructions, traffic jams and road works and includes these in
the route calculation.

The VAO is offered as a stand-alone traffic information, but will
also serves as the basis for the respective traffic information provided
by its partners. The VAO is client-capable and will be adapted
to the layout and needs of each partner and will be available
free of charge for citizens and tourists. VAO is a joint project of
leading players in the mobility sector in Austria.

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Contact: Jürgen Pogadl