Successful partnership between public transport and car sharing in Hamburg

  • Updated8 July 2005
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Hamburger Verkehrsverbund, the local public
transport authority, announced in June new
developments of its successful partnership
with Greenwheels, a car sharing company,
initiated in 1998.

New prices for short term car rental based on
an easily structured tariff-system are proposed
to holders of public transport season passes,
exempting them completely from any entry fee,
deposit or monthly fixed rates.

Service is available
by phone and online 24 hours a day. The success
of online booking system led to the closing of
the rental office near to central station.

For a middle-class car, rental cost range from 1€
per hour +0.10€/km during nighttime to 3€ per
hour +0.10€/km during daytime, allowing average
savings of €200 per month compared to the
cost of car ownership and use.

At the moment
60 vehicles are available in 30 rental locations in
Hamburg, additionally locations are in preparation.

To promote the cooperation, HVV uses its
marketing channels, i.e. by placing advertisements
on its railway stations or distributing mailings to
households around the rental locations.

from that there are no costs for the Hamburger
Verkehrsverbund arising from this partnership.