Rail reform in Belgium on January 2005

  • Updated9 December 2004
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SNCB, the Belgian national rail company is
about to be split on January 1st 2005 in order
to comply with the European Directive
2001/12/CE (first rail package).

The new
structure which has been approved by the
federal government in March will be
constituted by SNCB-Holding which will own
both Infrabel, in charge of rail infrastructure,
and SNCB, the operating company.

All these
companies will have a public status and self
governing boards. All 38,000 employees will
be depending from the holding, but will work
directly for Infrabel (14,000 people) and SNCB
(20,000 people).

Investment in rail transport in Belgium will be
€1.6bn per year for 2004-2007 period, with
an objective of 25% raise in patronage and
consolidation of modal share for freight

The investment in rolling stock,
stations, safety and security, information, rail
infrastructure and high speed tracks will be
funded by the federal government.