Mobility panel and quality of service survey in Seville

  • Updated3 October 2006
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In order to follow up users perception of public transport improvements, the Consorcio de Transportes de Sevilla decided to constitute a panel of travellers to be interviewed regularly.

The main objective of this work is to have a database of panellists available to be asked by phone once or twice a year about different aspects of the mobility and the quality of the metropolitan bus service, with the aim of getting to know at every moment the quality perceived by the users, different aspects of mobility and its evolution throughout a period of time.

A meaningful sample of 400-500 panellists has been constituted to update the mobility and opinion survey of February 2004. The panellists obtained through street surveys will be complemented by those who have already registered voluntary through the website of the Consorcio.

With these measures, a group of users or panellists initially large is obtained, though experience shows that after a period of two or three years its number decreases drastically. Therefore, it will be necessary, at a given moment, a new panellist recruitment campaign.

Once there is an available database of people, a short questionnaire, carried out by phone once a year, is designed, eventually completed by specific questions on current issues.

With all the data collected from these phone surveys, an annual report will be elaborated, which will be presented during an event organised for all the panellists. The results will be available in March 2007.