London uses fare policy to influence behaviours of travellers

  • Updated8 November 2005
  • News

In order to encourage the use of public transport by young people, the Mayor of
London – Ken Livingstone, through his agency
Transport for London, has extended the age
limit for children eligible for free travel on
bus and tram networks from those under
the age of 11 to those under 16.

aged less than 13 can benefit from this
opportunity without any specific requirement.
14- and 15-year-olds have to register and to
apply for a Child Oyster photo-card in order
to prove their age.

This measure has a
potential impact on half million young people.
In order to discourage people paying public
transport tickets by cash, causing long
queues, the Mayor of London is to increase
the differential between cash fares and
pre-paid Oyster smart card fares.

The price
of cash Tube tickets will increase whilst
some Oyster fares will be reduced or frozen
to encourage the continued switch to Oyster
use in order to speed up ticket purchasing.

For example, on the Tube, the Zone 1 single
cash fare will increase from £2 to £3 (from
€3 to €4.50) but the Oyster fare will reduce
from £1.70 to £1.50 (from €2.50 to

The cash fare for a peak period
single bus journeys will rise from the present
£1.20 to £1.50 (from €1.80 to €2.20)
whilst the Oyster price is frozen at £1 (€1.50).

New fares structure would however raise an
estimated £80m on bus fares and £50m on
the Tube.