Greece steps up in public transport

  • Updated9 December 2004
  • News

– After the success of Olympics, Greek
national government announced further
extensions of Athens’ metro and the
beginning of works for Thessaloniki’s metro.

Athens’ metro is a 135 km network serving
45 stations, recently extended thanks to
the games, which will grow by 23
kilometers – 12 stations by 2009 and by 20,8
more kilometers (16 more stations) by 2012.

Government also announced on November
1st various measures to improve public
transport and mobility in the metropolitan

  • creating a €1 integrated ticket valid for
    90 minutes on all networks and €0,70
    ticket valid for 90 minutes on bus,
    trolley-bus and tram networks,
  • implementing traffic light priority for
    the tramway,
  • increasing the bus fleet size by 25%
    reaching 2,500 vehicles,
  • re-introducing 4,000 paying car places
    in city center and 2,000 for motorcycles.

– Thessaloniki’s metro first line consists
in a 9.5 kilometer line serving 14 stations.
The cost of this project is about €1bn.

This long-term work started 10 years
ago and has been postponed in 2003.
The works should start in July 2005 and
are expected to last six years.