Codatu Conference : Decentralised cooperation for urban transport – 5-7 July 2006

  • Updated25 May 2006
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Codatu XII -Conference
Decentralized cooperation for urban transport

“Decentralized cooperation for urban transports : experiencing direct cooperation between local governments worldwide” conference will be held in Lyon (France) at 05-07 July 2006.

Decentralized cooperation has been chosen as the central theme for this special event.Transport and mobility have become primary stakes for development projects. It has been experienced that the most successful projects are those that result from
a pragmatic approach that is adapted to the local environment.

Presentation of case studies and of theoretical and field analysis should enable participants in CODATU XII to appraise the current situation. This could be the starting point for new initiatives. The goal will be to establish a methodology for decentralized cooperation in urban and regional transport.