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Attaining ENergy Efficient mobility in an Ageing
Society is a European project that aims at improving
the attractiveness of sustainable transport and
contribute to modal shifts towards energy-efficient
modes of transport among older people.

Aeneas partners think that those who should
benefit most from a reliable public transport system
very often are unable to take full advantage
because it is too complicate, not really accessible
or too expensive. Therefore AENEAS places the
emphasis on the training programmes for the
elderly in partner cities.

AENEAS held a second workshop in 2009 in San
Sebastian (Spain). The topic was “Walking and
traffic safety in an ageing society”. Target groups
of AENEAS training workshops are professionals
from city mobility departments, public transport
operators, representatives from NGOs working on
the theme of sustainable transport.

Several key note speeches have been delivered
notably on the thematic of the impact of ageing
on walking abilities and the related safety issues
outdoors from the INGEMA gerontology institute
and the thematic of Inclusive design for outdoors
environment (I’DGO). It has been acknowledged
by researchers that a “supportive environment”
with large and flat walk path, trees and benches
every now and then are strong incentives for
older people to go out and about.

The safety of older people’s mobility can be
improved by encouraging them to use more public transport, and economic incentive such as reduced senior fares are important.

But reaching the next transport stop is a walking activity and it cannot be neglected
that the accessibility, the maintenance and the quality of urban infrastructure have
an impact on mobility behaviour. We have to remember that older people are the
most vulnerable with regard to pedestrians fatalities.
San Sebastian workshop was the opportunity to observe good lay-out of pedestrian
facilities, large walking path, numerous benches to rest and good traffic crossing
organisation. Some suggested improvements have been discussed among the group.

The newt workshop will take place in Munich on 4-5 March 2010 on the topic of
“Multimodal marketing activity in an ageing society”.
Last minute info: AENEAS project Partner ZGB and local public transport provider
Stadbus are the winners of the Mobility Award in Salzburg (Austria).

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