Responsible authorities

  • Updated6 December 2005
  • Zurich

Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (ZVV)

Hofwiesenstrasse, 370 – 8090 Zurich – Switzerland
Tel : 41 43 288 48 48 – Fax : 41 43 288 48 40

Responsible person : Mr franz Kagerbauer, Director
Date of creation : 1990
Status : Governmental Institution incorporated under Public Law
Personnel : 34


ZVV is part of the cantonal authorities in Canton Zürich, and managed according to the principles of New Public Management.

It is governed by a board consisting of 9 persons. The members of the board represent the government of Canton Zürich and Winterthur, the Communities in Canton Zürich, the National Government and the Swiss National Railway.

ZVV acts as a holding company for eight independent transport companies, each responsible for the market activities for a part of the network. The actual operations are handled by 39 different carriers, ranging in size from the Swiss National Railway to small bus operators.


ZVV is responsible for :
– the long-term strategic transport planning
– the strategic marketing
– the financing
– the tariffs

Budget (2001 / 2002)

ZVV budget amounted to 429.16 million euro.
Main funds are provided by fares revenues (&euro 226.9 million / 52.8%).
Public subsidies rise to &euro 202 million (47.17%).