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Ruter AS


Ruter As is the public transport (PT) authority for the City of Oslo and Akershus County. Ruter is a limited company, and Oslo and Akershus hold 60% and 40 % of the shares respectively. Ruter is the regional body of PT competence. Its main tasks are the planning, management, tendering and marketing of PT services in the Oslo region. The terms of reference for Ruter’s activity are defined in agreements with The City of Oslo and Akershus County, and are intended to ensure that Ruter contributes to the fulfillment of its owners’ transport policy goals.

Strategic objectives

Ruter aims, together with walking and bicycling, to capture the growth in journeys in the Oslo region. Over the last years Ruter has succeeded well. In Oslo car traffic is still on 2007 level, whilst 45 % uses PT. In 2014 the market share for regional Akershus journeys reached 21 %. The yearly rise in number of passengers is at a high level, due to growth in population in combination with the increased market share. Ruter had 37 % more passengers in 2014 than in 2007. At the same time population increased by 14 %. Oslo is the fastest growing European capital.

Ruter’s overall goals are set out below:

Satisfied customers

Ruter shall make public transport our customers’ natural first choice. This will be achieved by providing simple, attractive and reliable services.

A strong market position

Ruter will contribute to the development of a functional and environmentally friendly capital region thanks to public transport accounting for most of the growth in traffic.

Attractive careers

Ruter will be an open and innovative skills-based organisation that values its employees and which attracts the right candidates to the company.

Effective and sustainable use of resources

Ruter will help to achieve financial and environmental targets through the goal-oriented prioritisation of the public transport network’s operative infrastructure and funds for investment.