Public transport system


  • Updated18 March 2014
  • Cadiz Bay

Public Transport System

The public transport system in Bay of Cadiz exceeded 5.4 million passengers on 2011. The modal share of public transport is 20
% in total motorised transport.

Electronic Ticketing Management which was implemented 14/06/04, was a new technological system in Spain and has improved the public transport services. Since 2007 it have been established new contactless transport pass (smartcard), which can be used on metropolitan and urban buses in whole area, and can be used also to get train tickets.

The CMTBC integrated transport modes are:

  • Metropolitan buses, with more than 59 lines in service covering the ten municipalities, transported over 4,9 passengers on
  • Waterborne transport: 2 lines, using 4 vessels, transported over 400,000 passengers on 2011;
  • Urban buses on service in each municipality: CMTBC smartcards can be used on board, as well as local transport cards.
    CMTBC is not responsible for this modal, but it is for fare integration.

You can also get your train ticket using CMTBC smartcard in automatic selling machines situated on each train station, but fares
are not yet integrated.

The public network will be improved soon, by the new train-tram which is under construction, and its expected to start running on
trial by end of 2,013

Presentation of operating companies:

Public transport is operated by 8 transport companies: 5 responsible of interurban buses, 1 for waterborne transport, 6 for urban
buses, and 1 for trains (most companies are on both urban and interurban modes).

Operator private companies for interurban buses are: Transportes Generales Comes, Tranvía de Cádiz a San Fernando, Belizón y Rodriguez, Autos La Valenciana (Linesur), Los Amarillos.

Waterborne Transport: since august 2012, it is operated by a joint venture company called UTE Catamaran Bahia de Cadiz, which
is composed by five transport companies: Secorbus, Damas, Los Amarillos, Nex Continental Holdings, and Vapores Suardiaz Sur

Urban buses: private companies are operating on each municipalites.

Maritime Service Urban buses Suburban buses Tramways Metro Heavy rail
Number of lines 2 59 59 Under construction 1 3
Operators 1 6 5 RENFE RENFE
Website cmtbc cmtbc aopandalucia renfe renfe

General map of Transport in Cadiz

(10mb take some time to download)

Suppy/Demand data 2011

Suburban Train Suburban bus Suburban ship Urban bus
Network length (km) 48.8 4,064.3 21 1,230
Number of lines 1 59 2 59
Number of stations/stops 11 230 3
Number of operators 1 5 1 6
Number of trips (million) 3 4.9 0.4
Passengers-km (million) 102,5 3.6

Current developments and projects

  • Integrated fares for urban bus lines in seven municipalities;
  • New vessel for the waterborne transport built by CMTC
  • Improvement works for passenger in maritime terminals.
    Includes satellite terminal for buses when shipping is closed
    due to meteorology;
  • New lines to airport terminal, and commercial areas;
  • Free using of bikes for public transport users;
  • Setting-up new bus stops, includes civil works;
  • Improvement of offer in bus schedules on peak hours.