Turin night bus network is growing.

The night bus service in Turin was first introduced in 2008. The
network consisted of 10 bus routes and the city hub was the
beautiful Piazza Vittorio Veneto (one of the biggest public
squares in Europe, 40.000 square km wide) which has become
in the last years the heart of the city nightlife. The service was planned by AMMT (Turin Public Transport Authority) based on
the following guidelines:

  • an easy to use service with a clock-face scheduling easy to remember;
  • all routes meet at the hub with vehicles of all lines arriving and leaving at the same time, allowing connections;
  • route paths are easy to memorize because they correspond mainly to the daytime routes (i.e. night lines 4N and 4S share the same path of the daytime tramway 4 route);
  • the fare structure is the same as the daytime service, people with one way tickets and passes are allowed with no extra charge. In addition, a shuttle bus service allows park and ride at the main car parking facilities.

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A particular attention was paid to the communication campaign:
the new brand NightBUSter was created (which contains the
words Night and Bus). It has an eye-catching logo resembling to
the head of a cat whose whiskers represent the bus routes with
their own different colors and the nose represents the central

A slogan was also created: Viaggia al centro della notte. It means
literally “Travelling in the middle of the night”: the word centro
means “middle” but also “city centre”. A promotional video clip has been created and published on YouTube.

The first NightBuster network in 2008 was limited to the main
city boundaries. The idea was to optimize the use of rolling stock
and personnel by employing one bus and one driver shift for each
route. Therefore the route length was designed to allow completion
of the round trip within 1 hour. Despite this project
constraint the service reached all the farthest neighbourhoods of
the main city.

The trend of demand has been monitored since the beginning:

The increase in demand is 38% in the second year of operation
and a further 30% in the third year.

2011 - The latest network extension

Partial summer network extensions had been planned in 2009
and 2010 with a good demand response.

In the summer 2011 a new extension has become operational:
as a result 11 bus routes serve the main city and 22 municipalities.
Furthermore, for the celebrations on June 24th (San Giovanni,
the day of the patron saint of Turin), AMMT planned also a
suburban rail extension with special trains departing after
midnight from Turin to allow people who took part in the
celebrations (especially the fireworks) to use public transport
and avoid the traffic jams.

For more information: mtm.torino &

  • Updated : February 10, 2012

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