Turin : Public transport networks

Transport services for whose our Authority is responsible are all urban/suburban buses and tramways, interurban buses [1] whose routes are included within a radius of approximately 30 Km from the main city centre, local railway services whose routes are included inside the Provincia di Torino territory.

The responsible Authority for the other interurban buses is the Provincia di Torino.

The responsible Authority for the other regional trains is the Regione Piemonte.

Metro 1 today is not administered by our Authority : contract parties are the Torino municipality and GTT as the operator, therefore funding for metro service is not included in our budget.

Description of the network :

Operations / DataTrainsMetro Interurban busUrban / suburban busTramway
Network lengh km 292 13.2 - - 73
Nb of routes 7 1 35 116 FGC
Nb of operators 2 1 9 1 FGC
Nb of stations/stops 82 21 413 [/3,700/] for both
Vehicule-km (millions/year) 3.9* 11 4.7 [/55.2/] for both


Tram network in Turin :

PDF - 175.6 kb

Presentation of operating companies :

Urban / suburban busesInterurban busesTramwaysMetroHeavy Rail
Nb of lines 116 35 8 1 7
Operators* GTT / Autoservizi M.Canuto 9 GTT GTT Trenitalia / GTT

*names or numbers if too many

Supply / demand data 2010 :

Urban/suburban buses & TramwaysInterurban BusesMetroHeavy rail
(millions of vehicle/km)
55.2 4.7 11 3.9
(millions of trips/year)
178 3.9 24.4 12.2

Current developments and projects :


  • Metro Line 1: southwards extension (1,9 Km, 2 stations) is under construction. It is due to start operations by the end of 2015. Budget: € 190 M. Call for State funding for two further Metro 1 extensions (west and south).
  • Railway: A new underground double-track railway line parallel to the existing North-South city link is being completed by the end of 2012. It will allow to keep long range passenger service separate from commuter service and to increase infrastructure capacity for local commuter train services. Suburban rail services are planned to start operation at the end of 2012 as a three lines system (FM1, FM2, FM4) with clock-face timetable and 60 min headway during all the day (30 min in peak hours). The rest of the regional rail network will be affected as well by a new clock-face timetable.
  • Metro Line 2: Planning for a new north-south metro line crossing the city centre was made in the past years using special simulation modelling software to estimate the demand and the modal split. The Municipality of Torino launched an urban redevelopment master plan in which new real estate investments (with private funds) will grant the municipality part of the funds needed to build the new metro infrastructure (through building permits taxation). The idea is to have urban development together with the building of the new metro line. The preliminary project is under way and the construction will start according to the availability to all sources of funding.

Ticketing: electronic ticketing on all modes of transport due to be fully implemented by the end of 2013.

New Contracts of Service have been signed in recent years. Suburban Rail: new contract after direct awarding to the national rail company (validity 2011-2016), Interurban Bus: new contract after tendering (validity 2012-2017), Urban bus and tramway: new contract after tendering came into force as of 1st July 2012 (validity for 10 years).

A reform of the local administrations in Italy is under discussion. The idea is to create a local body called “Metropolitan City” to replace the former “Province” for all the metropolitan areas in the country. The role and functions of AMMT will be (re)designed according to the Regional laws and to the functions assigned to the Metropolitan City.


  • Studies to evaluate the cost and benefits of the introduction of a single integrated ticket in the Metropolitan area.
  • Public transport marketing especially targeted to the users of the Night Bus Service.

Plan for renewal of bus and tram rolling stock according to the available funds in the Regione Piemonte budget.

Service reorganisation and network optimisation following the severe budget cuts imposed by the economic crisis.

Mobility and Quality Survey: it will be carried out in the first half of 2013 (50.000 telephone interviews). Update of Origin/destination data, georeferencing of all trips for the whole Regione Piemonte territory (4,4 million inhabitants).

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